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their season tomorrow in oakland. >>> time now is 6:40. putting a tax on sugary drinks? just how much more you could be paying for soda and other sweet drinks in san francisco. >> kids are allegedly not being allowed to play in the grass at a fremont apartment complex and federal officials are now slapping that complex with a lawsuit. we'll explain the reasoning. >> 680 near the grade is kind of a mess this morning after a multicar crash. we'll have an update for you. also here's a live look at the golden gate bridge and traffic moving well into san francisco. >>> welcome back. time now 6:43. a bay area apartment complex has caught the eye of the department of justice and it's being sued. it all has to do with allowing kids to play on the property. ktvu's janine de la vega joining us live from fremont now with all the details. what's going on janine? >> reporter: i put in a call to the department of justice for more information but here's what we know. the department of justice is saying that the owners of the woodland apartment complex is being discriminatory towards some of the tenants here
. san francisco is the next city to try to put a soda tax on the ballot. why one supervisor thinks he can convince voters to support it. those stories new. >>> interesting. time now is 6:48. you have accidents popping in the east bay. >> that's right. we are going to show the worst problems now. it is a 2-car crash. two lanes are blocked. if we zoom closer to the hayward area, 80 southbound is not looking too great right now. it's going slow westbound, but the peninsula is looking good. looks like you are going to need an extra 20 minutes. the wind advisory is still across the span. let's check in with steve. >>> a very good good morning. the snow in the sierra nevada and some light snow and it's not much for those in santa cruz mountains. it's going to be a cool and breezy day. partly cloudy and there are plenty of breaks in the clouds right now and in the 40s and 30s. you the in the sierra there is snow there for today. 50s and 60s for highs for us. upper 50s. it's going to be in the higher elevation. snow level 5,000 feet. and we've had a foot of snow already. 39 eureka. 44 in sacr
? or the accountant that does your taxes or the mechanic that fixes your car? apple ceo tim cook is joining the cause. he wrote in the wall street journal saying we found when people feel valued for who they are, they have the comfort and confidence to do the best work of their lives. just how long has it been since congress moved on the gay rights legislation in we'll have that story for you coming up. >>> we have new information on l controversial profootball bullying incident involving a former football star from stanford. jonathan martin left the miami dolphins and still has not come back. his abrupt departure comes after several of his teammates pulled a cruel prank on him in the team cafeteria. the nfl network now reporting that dalton guard has been suspended indefinitely while the league and the dolphins investigate this allegations. >>> houston texans coach gary kubiak is recovering this morning. that was following that health scare on the football field. the coach collapsed just after halftime during last nights football game against the colts. wade phillips spoke after saying he collapsed.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3